Introducing a Changing Climate

Over the course of the last several billion years, The Earth and all of its beings have been on seemingly-never-ending evolutionary journeys. As human beings, it can be relatively easy for us to dissociate our identities from the fact that our bodies and minds are extensions of the Earth. Throughout the last century, we have threatened the health of the Earth - of our only home - annihilating many of its species and ecosystems in the process. Now, the consequences of our behaviors are manifesting themselves through rapid environmental change and the introduction of the Anthropocene Age.

This section will help provide you with an understanding of the Earth as a living being system and supply with you some foundational knowledge about the effects of exploitative and destructive human behaviors on the state of our climate. As you work through this content, keep these two questions in mind: What does “Earth” mean to you? What is the significance of acknowledging the Anthropocene Age?

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1. What images come to your mind when you think about the ‘Earth’?
2. In one breath describe human impact upon the earth?
3. Gratitude (30 Minutes)
Go outside into a natural space, get comfortable, calm your mind and heart, and allow yourself to acknowledge the things around you for which you are grateful. What are you grateful for? How does gratitude feel to you? What does gratitude want of you? Share with others.


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