Environmental science has provided us with essential tools to aid us in our efforts to preserve threatened ecosystems, establish sustainable societies, and restore the health of our Earth. Without adequate access to these tools, many communities will continue to be faced with threats that they may not be equipped to confront. In this section, you will see evidence of how restoration techniques rooted in climate science are being utilized to respond to the climate crisis across the world.




1. In regard to our changing climate, what place should belief and disbelief hold in the climate conversation?
2. How can you fight the spread of climate misinformation in your community?
3. Talk It Out (25 Minutes)
With at least four peers, divide yourselves into two groups of two. Then, consider this statement: “climate science has not provided enough evidence for me to believe that our climate is changing.” With personal opinions aside, each group of two will take a stance; either in agreement or disagreement of this statement. Each group will take 10 minutes to build an argument in support of their position, and another 10 minutes to debate with the opposing group. After your debate, come back together as a group of four and debrief for five minutes.