Introducing a Changing Climate

This will provide an understanding of the Earth and supply some foundational knowledge about the effects of exploitative and destructive human behaviors on the state of our climate.

Roots of a Changing Climate

This section will guide you through the different ways that individuals, organizations, and communities across the globe have recognized and responded to the changing state of our Earth.

Culture and a Changing Climate

As our climate continues to change at an unprecedented rate, we must examine the relationships between culture and the environment, and between human beings and the Earth.

Impact of a Changing Climate

The reality has forced us to question and reconsider our roles and responsibilities as people of the Earth and has challenged our collective emotional wellbeing, leaving us filled with feelings of uncertainty and despair.

Challenge of a Changing Climate

As our environments continue to change, we are faced with numerous challenges,  which include: Increases in local conflict, widespread human and animal displacement, and the loss of resources. 

Response to a Changing Climate

This section works as a display of the many ways individuals from across the Earth have come together to climate action. It is up to us to act if we wish to alter the trajectory of our future on this planet.


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