How do culture and climate interact? Where do they intersect? As our climate continues to change at an unprecedented rate, we must examine the relationships between culture and the environment, between human beings and the Earth. As you navigate this section, keep a few questions in mind, such as: How does culture interact with our surroundings, or our landscapes; our climate as a whole? How are different realms of pop culture impacting in the climate conversation? How are individuals and communities from unique cultures responding to the climate crisis? And finally, what new wisdom can we draw from their stories?

Explore: Culture


  • Question:
    How can defining culture help us understand its relationship and/or proximity to climate?
  • Question:
    How can pop culture be utilized as a vessel for action in response to a changing climate?
  • Engage:
    One On One (15 Minutes)
    For this exercise, get together with one other person. For five minutes, detail to the other person the ways that culture has influenced or informed your identity; your values; your principals. When you are finished, switch roles with your partner and allow them to speak for five minutes. Once you are both finished, take another five minutes to discuss amongst yourselves the similarities and differences in your responses.


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