How are we, as humans, responding to our changing climate?

As existential threats loom over us, it becomes increasingly necessary to consider how we wish to act, both individually and collectively, in response to the climate crisis. The fate of humankind - of the Earth - lies within the hands of its people. It is up to us to act if we wish to alter the trajectory of our future on this planet.

This section works as a display of the many ways individuals from across the Earth have come together to climate action. As you work through this section, reflect on these responses; if possible, let them inspire you. Ask yourself: “how do these responses relate to my experience?”



  • Question:
    How do we respond to a changing climate? What does responding mean to you?
  • Question:
    What can we learn from others in our effort to respond? What can others learn from you?
  • Engage:
    Free Write (30 Minutes)
    Take 30 minutes to respond to these three questions: How do you wish to respond to our changing climate? In what state do you wish to see our Earth? What would an ideal future for our Earth look like to you? What steps can you take to help achieve that future?


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