In the midst of such drastic change, it is imperative that we look at how each of us are impacted. The reality of our changing climate has forced us to question and reconsider our roles and responsibilities as people of the Earth and has challenged our collective emotional wellbeing, leaving many of us filled with feelings of uncertainty and despair. These emotions must be embraced, validated, and most importantly, harnessed to give us a sense of purpose in our effort to restore the health of our planet.



1. How would you describe the impact of a changing climate on human beings? How do you feel current and predicted environmental changes are affecting you?
2. How has our changing climate forced us to redefine who we are as people in relation to the Earth
3. Personal Journal (20 Minutes)
After reading about the emotional impact that our changing climate is having on people across the globe, take 20 minutes to journal about your own feelings about the state of our Earth. As you write, open your heart and allow yourself to be vulnerable. If you feel comfortable, take turns sharing the contents of your journal entry with one or two other people.


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