Roots of a Changing Climate

As time moves forward, we continue to see new evidence that reinforces the fact that the Earth is undergoing a prolific transformation. As we proceed to cope with our changing environments, and with the uncertainty of our futures in general, we have begun to acknowledge that our changing climate is now deeply rooted in nearly every realm of our lives. This section will guide you through the different ways that individuals, organizations, and communities across the globe have recognized and responded to the changing state of our Earth. As you move through this content, reflect upon how you have attempted to come to terms with our changing climate.



Explore: Ways of Knowing


1. What images come to your mind when you think about the roots of a changing climate?
2. Identify two responses you bring to a changing climate in the midst of its deep-rootedness in our lives.
3. 3-1-3 (30 Minutes)
Write a three-minute one-page paper on three themes that you heard in the video above. In the paper clarify why these themes stood out to you.


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