What is science telling us about our changing climate? This section provides information regarding the ways in which science is informing us about the Earth today.  What we are learning is that changes are dynamic and unfolding quickly. Extreme weather events, global temperature increases, and rises in sea level will continue to be well-documented by climate scientists all around the planet. This section provides you with climate research that acknowledges the reality of our changing global moment.

Keep a few questions in mind as you move through this section: How can science help us deepen our understanding of our changing climate? How does this research impact your perception of the state of the Earth?



1.  Do the scientific facts of a changing climate require me to believe in this science in order for it to be true?  Explain.
2. Think about what climate science is telling us about the state of our Earth. How can you use this information to create positive change right now?
3.  A Letter to the Future (20 Minutes)
Draft a short letter to the future. As you write this letter, consider three concerns you have regarding the state of our Earth and three questions you would like the future to provide answers to. Be specific.


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