How are international organizations responding to evidence of a changing climate?

Across the world, many organizations have taken it upon themselves to take restorative action by advocating for climate justice and pushing for sustainable development. In addition to inter-organizational collaboration, many nonprofit organizations are partnering with local governments to aid in the implementation of climate action policy. This section will further display some of the ways international organizations are taking climate action. As you move through this section, consider these questions: What organizations are you familiar with that are taking climate action? What do their efforts look like? How do you wish these organizations were responding?

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United Nations Faith for Earth Initiative 

Goal: To strategically engage with faith-based organizations and partner with them to collectively achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and fulfill the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

  • to inspire and empower faith organizations and their leaders to advocate for protecting the environment
  • to green faith-based organizations’ investments and assets to support the implementation of SDGs,
  • to provide them with knowledge and networks to enable their leaders to effectively communicate with decision-makers and the public.

Mission: To encourage, empower and engage with faith-based organizations as partners, at all levels, toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and fulfilling the 2030 Agenda.

Vision: A world where everything is in balance.

Shared Values:

  • C: Communication – Effective communication at all levels between all stakeholders.
  • R: Respect – All spiritual and religious beliefs are respected.
  • E: Empower – Empower and engage all stakeholders.
  • A: Act – Act in coherence with individual reflection and communal beliefs.
  • T: Transform – Transform people’s behavior for a more responsible lifestyle inspired by their own faiths.
  • I: Inspire –Inspire innovative approaches to achieve the 2030 Agenda.
  • O: Organize – Organize knowledge and other resources related to faiths and sustainable development.
  • N: Network – Build a strong network between the UN and faith-based organizations.

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  • Question:
    Do these responses to climate change reflect your voice? Your interests? Your concerns? How
  • Engage:
    Reach Out (20 Minutes)
    Take 20 minutes to draft a letter to an international organization that has or is currently addressing the state of our climate. As you write your letter, keep these questions in mind: What about the organization’s response to the climate crisis do you appreciate? What areas of concern do you wish they would put more energy into addressing? When you’re finished, either send your letter to the organization or share the contents of your letter with at least one other person.