What is popular culture telling us about the state of our Earth? This section seeks to guide you through the ways in which different avenues of pop culture are influencing the climate conversation.  Shifts toward sustainable fashion, the rise of “climate fiction” literature, and the global spread of “plogging”, all exemplify the use of pop culture as a vehicle for global, systemic change. As you work through this section, please think through the ways in which you see popular culture responding to a changing climate.



Fast Fashion’s Impacts on Earth’s Climate

Shifting To Sustainable Fashion

Sci-Fi, Speculative Fiction, Dystopian Futures

Shifts Toward Sustainable Food



1. In mainstream media you are often referred to as a consumer.  What is complicated about referring to human beings as consumers?
2. Okay, so you’re a consumer.  Are you comfortable with this designation?  If not, identify two terms that can or should be used in the future to reference our relationship to the Earth.
3. Pop Culture Calls to Action (10 Minutes)
In 10 minutes, write down ideas of activities that can you engage in that will help bring the complex social, political, and environmental issues that you care about to the forefront of popular culture. Afterward, share this list with at least one other person and spend ten minutes discussing the particulars of your list with them and vice-versa.