In an era of a changing climate, stories hold tremendous power. As our global communities continue to grapple with the changing state of our climate, we must be prepared to share our knowledge, our experiences, and our wisdom, with one another. This section features local stories from across the Earth-- some rooted in experiences of devastation; others in examples of human resilience. It is necessary to hear stories from all sides of the human experience if we desire to learn, inspire, and take climate action together.

Explore: Local to Global


1. In view of the above links and stories, what responsibilities do we have to act in solidarity with communities being affected by the climate crisis right now?
2. Confronting the climate crisis requires us to engage in a global conversation. What awareness can members of communities take away from one another’s stories? Take a moment to consider and then respond aloud to how these local stories around the world resonate with you or other members of your own community
3. Preparing Your Interview (20 Minutes)
Familiarize yourself with one of the Local Stories From Around The World (see above).  Then, take 20 minutes to write out a full set of interview questions you would like to ask someone who has been affected by the events detailed in that story. Once you’ve written your questions, talk to at least one other person about the story you’ve focused on and explain to them the significance of the questions you plan to ask.