Throughout our history, human beings have displayed a remarkable capacity to adapt to our environments and circumstances. However, we have never been faced with the need to adapt so quickly to an environment that holds an uncertain future. Entire ecosystems that have been carefully curated by the Earth for thousands of years have started to disappear in a geologic millisecond. Now, in order to persevere, we must consciously strive for restoration and sustainability.

While navigating this section, ask yourself: What does adaptation in the era of a changing climate mean to you? What might it look like?



1. What does resilience look like to you? How have human beings demonstrated resilience in response to existential threats in the past?
2. Thinking speculatively, what do you see as our possible alternatives to adaptation
3. Living Without It (15 Minutes)
Often times, adapting to new, uneasy situations requires great personal sacrifice. As our environments continue to change, we likely will have to give up many things we hold dear to us. For a few minutes, think about some of the things that you cherish that our changing climate may threaten. Then, take 15 minutes to write about how you can live without these things in order to adapt -- in order to survive. Afterward, share your entry with at least one other person.



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