The Earth is the only home we’ve ever known. It is a profound gift; one that has provided us with all of the necessary tools to ensure our survival. We have each been grown from this planet -- our DNA itself is interwoven with its biological realities. And yet, we live often estranged from the Earth, assuming that it is able to endure every offense that we throw at it.  But what we are learning is that the Earth is also breakable. It can and does show signs of abuse, many forms of which will outlast all of us and even generations to come. The marks of our behavior are written into the living systems of our planet. The links below provide a narrative about how we can think about our relationship to the Earth. It is up to us to determine what we wish our lasting legacies to be.




1. Do you believe that the earth is a living being?
2. What evidence do you have for this belief?
3. Have you ever considered the earth as a gift?
4. What are our responsibilities upon receiving gifts of this magnitude? Homebound (15 Minutes)
For 15 minutes, reflect upon this statement:  “The earth is the only home we have ever known.  Our abilities to cope with stress, environment, even the mixture of molecules we inhale, are all tailored to your body and the bodies of those around you.”  Write your response down in a journal and consider explaining to another person.