Our religious and spiritual traditions help us reflect upon our relationships to the Earth. They allow us to put our entire existence into perspective; reminding us that we are but mere extensions of the waters, forests, and plains that surround us. Most importantly, they allow us to communicate with the Earth in ways that reinforce our understandings of its divine power.

Let the wisdom gained from our religious and spiritual traditions work as calls to action. Let our traditions act as our inspiration to restore and preserve a planet that exhausted itself in the process of facilitating human life.

In this section, you will discover how religious and spiritual traditions are translating directly into climate action. Let them inspire you.



1. Do we have a spiritual obligation to protect the Earth?
2. Why is it necessary to incorporate religious and spiritual traditions into climate action? What can they teach us about restoring, preserving, and, perhaps most importantly, maintaining a healthy relationship with the Earth?
3. Letter to Religica (15 Minutes)
How would you like to see Religica use its platform to respond to our changing climate? Write a brief letter offering your insight. When you are finished, share your letter with three peers. Then, email your letter to info@religica.org to share your ideas with us.